Reading competition – pupils compete in the reading books, they are going to write down the books that they have read in two months. They have their special diaries called for example Reading discoveries – they mention there the name of the book, the author, the plot into the diary and they draw a picture connected with the story into the book. At the beginning of November, we will declare the winner in each country.

2. Reading club – pupils in each school read the book Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain – during the first meeting in the Czech Republic they will be asked to answer the questions about this book. They will compete in teams.

3. English club – pupils working on the project attend the english club that can hep them to be more motivated and selfconfident during the stay abroad.

4. Writing a story – each country writes a part of the story and draw a picture connected to this story, one country starts and it is followed by the others.