OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZA, CLASA a VII-a Caransebes, februarie 2016 – Faza locala

I. Complete the sentences with a word derived from the word in capital letters:

  1. Politicians should spend some time living on the streets like ________people have to and then they would understand better the problems they have.
  2. Sarah speaks perfect French as she spent much of her _________in Canada. CHILD
  3. You will need your parents’ ______________to go on a school trip. PERMIT
  4. I don’t like him. He’s completely___________and greedy.. HONEST
  5. I was trying to persuade him, but he was very___________and I had to give up. FRIEND
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Food for Life

About the project : Food for Life

Eating food seems to be a meaningless action: buying a hamburger in a fast food restaurant or drinking a coffee from a vending machine are all actions we perform regularly which take just a few minutes, but the processes that led that food to us took a long time. Every food we choose to buy is the result of a long sequence of events that begins with the production of raw materials, followed by the packaging, distribution, consumption, and finally ends with the disposal and recycling of waste.

The aim of the project is to educate pupils to sustainable eating and nutrition and to foster a greater awareness of the links between their lifestyle, their food choices and the environment.


Writing a theatrical play

Students from our school involved in Drama Club and English Club wrote a theatrical play – “Santa’s helpers”.
The script and the roles were given to all the participant students at the mobility in Romania, where they performed the play. There were also realized the materials and costumes needed for the theatrical play.



First meeting – Finding of the best writer and reader November 25, 2013 – November 29, 2013

Reading competition – pupils compete in the reading books, they are going to write down the books that they have read in two months. They have their special diaries called for example Reading discoveries – they mention there the name of the book, the author, the plot into the diary and they draw a picture connected with the story into the book. At the beginning of November, we will declare the winner in each country.

2. Reading club – pupils in each school read the book Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain – during the first meeting in the Czech Republic they will be asked to answer the questions about this book. They will compete in teams.

3. English club – pupils working on the project attend the english club that can hep them to be more motivated and selfconfident during the stay abroad.

4. Writing a story – each country writes a part of the story and draw a picture connected to this story, one country starts and it is followed by the others.

Our travels around the world

First meeting in Czech Republic

  • Finding of the best writer and reader.  November 25, 2013 – November 29, 2013

Second meeting in Poland

  • Superstars in singing and dancing. March 17, 2014 – March 22, 2014

Third meeting in Turkey

  • Mini Olympic Games.  June 2, 2014 – June 7, 2014

Fourth meeting in Lithuania

  • Museum of pictures.  October 1, 2014 – October 31, 2014

Fifth meeting in Romania

  • Show must go on. December 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014

Sixth meeting in Bulgaria

  • Develop your talent – playing the musical instrument. March 1, 2015 – March 31, 2015

Seventh meeting in Spain

  • Making the book of stories. May 1, 2015 – May 31, 2015

Our English Club

Our English Club

The practice of a foreign language in the classroom is very important, but it is not enough to master that language. In the English club, the students have the chance to use different skills and discuss a variety of topics.

The goals for creating our English club:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Encouraging autonomous learning.
  • Creating an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • Cultivating good hobbies and habits.
  • Making new friends


Taking this into account, we started our English club in 2013 when one of our challenges was to prepare an English literature contest. This was only the beginning…. since then we had a lot of activities within the Club and every year new students enjoy them.


Feel free to surf and enjoy it… and if you have a good idea, please, share it with us!

Comenius project – our approach to reaching our targets

Our school is involved in a Comenius project for the next two years. we will try to DISCOVER OUR HIDDEN SKILLS joining our partners from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and Spain. To prepare our children for a better future by activating all the activities which will support their spiritual and physical developments with the inductive method.


1. Leadership trainings

Communication skills training Discussion programmes (between the individuals and the groups) Oratory practices (improving speech applications to the community) Critical thinking applications (films, books, critics about the pictorial art) Skill games (the demonstrations in which each individual exhibits his/her skills)

2. Career Days

Local Administrators’, Political and Administrative Decision Makers’, popular artists and sportsmen, celebrities in the media and business life story telling

3. Artistic, sporting and cultural activities

  • Drawing competitions
  • Composition competition
  • Poem writing and reading competitions
  • Football, basketball, volleyball, chess competitions
  • Songs and folk songs, dance performances
  • Theatrical demonstrations
  • Playing the musical instruments
  • Making the book of stories

4. Language activities

Making English courses.


Our approach to reaching our targets

Our project has been planned to discover our children’s hidden skills and to improve those skills, and to help them with their participations as highly self-confident individuals. Some of the activities require outer supports. Participant establishments will provide these supports from the other establishments in their regions. Especially on career days, performances, the participation of the political and administrative decision makers, popular artists, sportsmen, journalists and businessmen will be provided.

Supposed contests in the activities will be organized to provide opportunity for participating of all students by the participant establisments. The selected committee are formed of the popular people in the region will take care of these contests. The students will be given responsibilities for planning and carrying out various contests for the administrative activities.